Lymphatic Drainage Benefits

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Immune System

Improves the immune system due to the important elimination of toxins


Promotes body and mental relaxation and reduces stress

Pain Relief

When the lymph nodes are decongested, the pain and swelling disappears

Drainage Action

Accelerate the process of removing the accumulated liquid between the cells and their catabolic

treatment method

The Renata França massage method is known worldwide for its Manual Lymphatic Drainage. It is also at the origin of the creation of Shaping massage and Miracle Face. These treatments, straight from Brazil. Renata Franca creates new types of maneuvers that produce more effective results than those of traditional massages on the silhouette and sculpting of the face and body.
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Introduction to lymphatic drainage therapy

Click on video to learn more about the process and benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy./p>

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